ALLBOT1 Kit`s Manual instructions

Where can i find the Standard Allbot Robot Set ALLBOT1`s manual instruccions?

Any help is really apreciated.

Kind regards.

@Botstar ,

You can find the Manual for Allbot here:

2 legged version (Allbot1): see “building instructions”

4 legged version (Allbot1): see “building instructions”

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Velleman Support

Hi @VEL450, thanks for the reply and links, I had already consulted them.

I bought this 4-in1-Set allbot1, but so far I have only found the 2 and 4 leg guides, just as you wrote.

However I am looking for the instructions for the 6-legged version and the 8-legged version.
Where can I find them?

Thanks in advance and best regards.


These are the standard manuals deliverd for the allbots.

2 legged version (Allbot1): see “building instructions”

4 legged version (Allbot1): see “building instructions”

For the: 4 LEGS 12 x 9G SERVOS, 6 LEGS 12 x 9G SERVOS and 6 LEGS 18 x 9G SERVOS
there is no manual.

Because, these versions are intended as an experiment, and a extension of the 4 legged allbot with 8 servos. For these versions you can follow the previously explained steps from the manual (4 legged 8 servos).

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Velleman Support

You can find the demo codes for the extensions here:
Also the pinassignment for the extra servos.

4 leg 12 servos:

6 leg 12 servos:

6 leg 18 servos:

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Velleman Support

Hi again VEL450,

Thanks for the support and explanation. I think it is very interesting the exploration for the versions that have more servos, although I also think it should be clarified in the box.

Thanks also for the links to the demo codes, they will be very useful at the time of assembly.

Until next time and best regards.