Allbot not supporting own weight

Hey guys,

New to Arduino and Allbot and just installed everything with my 11 year old :slight_smile: son.
All is working more or less fine, but it seems the Allbot is unable to carry its own weight and tends to drop through his legs (maybe he’s drunk? :wink: )

Servos seem properly centered and when I lift him up on the Example sketch he does do his excersise “routine” / basic moves.
But when I put him on het ground, he collapses and tries to (unsuccesfully) stand up again and you see him “trying” / “twitching”.

Could it be something stupid as not enough battery power on the AAs?
All 4 batteries are still doing 1.4V though…
Or would I need to tighten the joints more? (that sounds not too logical to me: end of the day it is the servo that needs to “hold” it ground.

Also the remote iPad app is working only 1/10 for a little while and yes, I did do the iPad volume tuning etc…



Please see this thread for a similar problem and possible solution: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=18534

hmmm… indeed this might be a battery related problem.

  1. I am using Duracell “Industrial” line AA batteries for now
  2. The servos make a “trembling” shaking noise almost all the time: they are struggling
  3. When I slightly pick up the robot and remove the weight stress on the servos: all works fine

As a temporary workaround, I used the offset attribute in the setup code to make the default Robby (we nicknamed that thing :slight_smile: )standing position 25 to 30 degrees more upright (thus reducing mechanical stress on the servos).

This helps, but the drawback is that Robby can’t move very well anymore since servo movement is basically reduced by 25 to 30 degrees

So I guess I need better batteries :slight_smile:

Any tips on:

  1. rechargeable battery brand?
  2. mAh recommendations?
  3. battery technology: LiOn / NiMh / etc…?


I’m using these GP 2700 Rechargeable : … IBA&adurl=