Allbot just keeps falling


I just assembled the Allbot with two legs.
All I did for now was loading the example program from the Allbot website.

Now when I switch it on, everything is working, but the Allbot can’t just keeps falling over.
The weight seems to be mainly on the front side and I figure that is the reason.

How can I fix that, so it can stay on his two feet while moving?


Ok, partially solved.
However some movements still make it unstable so it falls on its face.
I’ll have to check that out.

The reason for it falling was that the pins for the hip and the ankle were switched on the - I think - right side.
The pins used in the manual do not correspond with the pins used in the sample code.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to fix this so other users don’t struggle with it.

We’ll have a look at it

Thanks for the info

Best Regards

I have the same problem. My allbot 204 keeps falling over. I have checked and made sure my construction was correct and it is correct. What can be done to stabilize this bot?

Could you provide a video?