Allbot communicator and scratch

hello everybody

my materiel is VR408 mounted on ATmega2560.
And my problem is that ALLBOT Communicator not communicate with scratch 2 offline.
my allbot is uploaded with VR408Scratch.ino, i heard chirp when i pluged it on usb PC ,
ALLBOT Communicator found my board and good port , i launch scratch 2 offline, load extension_descr.s2e and
Télécommande.sb2 but nothing happend when i click on the items.
i tried to debug VR408Scratch.ino with visual studio 2015 AND Visual Micro and it seems work cause when
i send “<WF 10 10>” on COM port the ALLBOT react and make 10 STEPS walkforward.


Can you confirm the status indicator above the extension blocks is showing green?

If it’s red, the ALLBOT Communicator is not properly connected.
Did you hear another three chirps when you pressed Connect in the ALLBOT Communicator?

Kind regards

hello VEL448

The status “led” above extension blocks is in green color, and yes i hear another chirp when i pressed conect in allbot
communictor. I tried to disconnect my antivirus and firewall but nothing change.
thanks for your helps

Hello Wahid

Seems like everything is in order (if you hear the chirps), the firewall and antivirus shouldn’t block it.
Can you try without opening the Télécommande example and start from scratch?

Also make sure your battery/power is turned on if you’re using the servo’s.

Kind regards

Hello everybody my ALLBOT still does not communicate with SCRATCH. I tried to debug allobotcommunicator, using a browser. In fact when
One enters information such as: Allbot should move ten steps forward, but on mine nothing happens and the browser displays:
_busy 1
Digitalread / 11 false
Digitalread / 10 false
Digitalread / 13 false
Digitalread / 12 false
Digitalread / 1 false
Digitalread / 0 false
Digitalread / 3 false
Digitalread / 2 false
Digitalread / 5 false
Digitalread / 4 false
Digitalread / 7 false
Digitalread / 6 false
Digitalread / 9 false
Digitalread / 8 false
Analogread / 1 0
Analogread / 0 0
Analogread / 3 0
Analogread / 2 0
Analogread / 5 0
Analogread / 4 0
My question is whether it is possible to have more information on AllbotCommunicator in order to find the problem that has allbotcommunicator to understand the information that scratch sends to him

Hello Everyone
I solved my communication problem between allbot and scratch.
The problem comes from configuring allbot communicator.exe. Indeed it is configured to communicate with ALLBOT at a speed of 115 200 BAUDS or VR408.ino is configured for a speed of 9600 BAUDS. So I modified the line of code by setting the speed of the serial port in VR408.ino (Serial.begin (115200)). This change did not allow the communication to establish itself. So, I had to patch the ALLBOT Communicator.exe program, here is the method.
Just use a hexadecimal editor to find the DWORD
0001C200 (which corresponds to 115200) and change it to DWORD 00002580 (which corresponds to 9600). Be careful about inverting BYTE and make a backup of your file before editing.
I hope this little modification
will help anyone who has encountered the same problem as me.