After Assembly - Strange Servo Behavior


I’ve assembled my AllBot according to the Manual. Then I uploaded the 408 script (408).

Now when I boot AllBot paws go in all directions, and not consistent.

Check the videos:
[ul][]Youtube 1[/]
[]Youtube 2[/]
Does anyone have any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve recentered every servo after noticing this behavior (which involved quite some disassembly), but no change.

I also just assembeled my ALLBOT.
And I also have the same problem as you do.
I already tried to centre the servo’s but that still doesn’t do the trick.
Whenever I try to use the Leanright code from the tutorial it keeps doing weird things.

I hope we find a solution togheter!

In your video it looks like the servos were not centered.

Wonder if I’m doing something wrong with the recentering then.

I’ve uploaded the script, connected the servo, heard servo activate & move a bit.
Disconnected the servo, reconnected again and heard only the activation of the servo (slight buzz).
This I assume meant that the Servo was centered? (Yellow wire was always on top)

Did this for all 8 servos. All at once, without restarting the Uno (the program is looping anyway, right?)

And yes, Spitinfirez, hope we’ll find a solution. We must be doing the same thing wrong :).

Hey !

3e disassembly, recentering of the servos & re-assembly.
Still same behavior. :frowning:

@Velleman: I live in Ghent, can I stop by next week? :slight_smile:

Happy Newyear all !

Before you stop by, can you post your sketch?

Also after programming, disconnect the USB lead and then power up via the battery shield.
Does the Allbot make the startup sounds?


Behavior when running the standard sketches is still a little weird. Seems like one knee and/or hip are not fully centered.

Written some custom code, which was my goal anyway, and now it’s walking :).


Now I want to add servo easing to the hip movements so they seem less sudden, more lifelike.
Seperate threadstarted for implementation.

Hi everybody,

How did you solve the problem? I seem to have the same issue and I can’t figure out how to solve it. I tried to re-centre the servo’s also played with flipping the direction of the servo’s is in the example arduino sketch. But nothing worked.

What causes the problem to start with? And where do I have to look to solve it?

Check your batteries they may be low.
This is power hungry kit.
Use quality batteries.

I centered all the servo’s. I’ve noticed that you need to plug in the servo A few times to totally center the the servo, if it is really out of place. carefully assemble the swing arms without changing the servo position. this is not easy. I moved te servo’s a little by accident with assembling. after assemble. I did the centering of the servo’s again. now I’m pretty sure the robot is assembled the right way as on the drawing. with all the servo’s centered correctly.

When I programmed the pre made program, It still behave really strange. but after that I centered the servo’s again without dissambling the robot. And the centering got them straight again.

now it’s time for me to wright my own program. but I need to learn a lot to do that.

I think something is wrong with the angle of the servo’s, in the pre made program. it all sets tot 45 degrees. but the rear legs needs to go -45 degrees is my theory.

Im think im one step closer, to a walking robot