Advise on what kit(s) I should/could use

I’m trying to discover what kits I should/could use to make a turn table (for photography). On the turn table I place an object ; The camera makes picture; the turn table turns; stops and the camera makes the next picture and so on.

The PC will be running Windows 7 x64. There is no parallel port available (I do have experience with the k8000 kit on a W98 system; I still own it, it is not used anymore).
I would love to use a K8005 (stepper motor card) but it says; Easy to connect to the K8000. Only the remark on a post of nov 9, 2010 VEL417 says “Sorry, due to the age of the kit, the protocol is not available”.

What kind of kits can you advise if I want to

  1. Control a stepper motor with presumably a strong motor (to turn a mass from eq 10-25 kg)
    I expect to use a reduction to increase the power
  2. Reading some switches (eq start / stop)
  3. Fire the camera (eq relay output)
  4. An “easy programming language” like Visual Basic.
  5. I needs to have good example source code.

The reason to use a PC and not a PLC or something else is convenience; programming the PC is hopefully a lot easier than a PLC.

I was thinking to use K8005 and perhaps the PCUSB13 (a USB to parall) and the K8000. But the remark of VEL417; makes me wonder. What can you advise?

Thanks for reading; hope you can find an answer

– Jeroen / The Netherlands

K8005 is obsolete and not supported for our USB interface cards
At this time, we do not offer a stepper motor card.
Our K8055 and K8061 USB interface kits can read inputs and provide outputs such as open collector or relay contacts.
For the motor part, you will have to Google for a third party solution.

Thanks for the quick replay!