Adding a second fan to the fan control line?

Most of us discovered that one fan on one side is not enough to properly cool the printed part. A lot of fan duct designs are available to help homogenize the air flow around the part. Some other install a second fan powered permanently. I’m wondering if we could add a second fan in parallel to the fan controller output ? what is the maximum power allowed by the electronic board ? The provided fan is 0,1W on 12V. I have a spare fan of 1W on 12V, could I connect it in parallel to benefit from the printer control ?

I mounted a second fan on my printer (same part number as the first) and wired it in with the first fan.
I had to slow it down a bit and now I need to make a different mounting bracket for it.
I found that the new one blows on the thermistor and makes the software think the extruder is too cool and I get cold extrusion prevented.
If I block that part of the nozzle I get some very nice prints on smaller objects

It still a work in progress.