ABS with Nano K8600

Hi everyone,

I use my vertex nano for one year now, with PLA.

I would like to try ABS, but it’s very hard to gather clear technicals informations about it: It’s seems it’s possible because my print can “load ABS”, but on the other hand Repetier don’t suggest me ABS (just PLA 1,75) and the bed cannot be warm.

Do someone ever try to print ABS with NANO K8600 ?
How to do that step by step ?

Thank for your clear help.

Hello @Boby_D ,

ABS is indeed mentioned in the filament loading and unloading settings of the printer.

But ABS is a difficult material to process (print). It requires indeed a heated bed, which nano printer does not have. Must be used in well ventilated areas due to the toxic substances released from ABS printing. ABS is sensitive to air flows.

Due to the technical and toxic disadvantages of ABS, it’s the reason that the parameters for ABS, for Vertex Nano are not included.

Hence we have an ABS alternative that has similar properties as ABS.
This alternative is called PLA Tough.

As the name suggests, Tough PLA has the same high impact resistance as ABS. This makes it ideal to print sturdy prototypes or other technical models at any size. Plus, the print quality will stay at the same high level as you are used too with Velleman filaments.

The print Temperature is +/-210 , so it’s lower than ABS, and almost equal to PLA.


  • high impact resistance
  • easy to print
  • reduced warping and shrinking
  • printable with various print temperatures
  • suitable for high-strength prototypes or technical models at large sizes
  • industrial touch and feel


  • type: tough PLA
  • diameter: 1.75 mm (1/16″)
  • package: reel
  • colour: black
  • specific gravity: 1.21 g/cc
  • print temperature: 210 ± 10 °C
  • impact strength: 29.8 kJ/m²
  • weight: 750 g
  • dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm

Kind Regards,
Velleman Support