Abs printing problem

The top off the prints are not going good everytime ad the same place the left one is good but there where the two hole 4 mm and the mus be 8 MM
I’m using black abs
Temp 215 degrees
Flow 80%
Retraction 4
Retraction speed 110
My printer is completed closed for any air draft
What i’m doing wrong

The print temperature is too low.
try settings it to 235.

I try now 235 degrees its print better but now the nozzle get clogged and the filament broke in the extruder
Is this just bad luck or wil it help to set the Retraction speed and the Retraction at diffrent setting.

Set the retraction to 4mm
Retraction speed 110mm

I have already set it to 4 and 110 mm

Could you post a picture of your issue?

235° is theoretically correct but actually too much as the contact between the thermal sensor and the heater block is insufficient and the actual temperature is way higher than the displayed one. I’m printing at 210° but you have to test with various temperatures to find the best one (never got over 225° though) as it vary with the sensor and the way it’s mounted.
That’s why you clogged your nozzle.
I’m using 70% flow.
Your shell thickness should be a multiple of your nozzle diameter minus 0.05 (ie .3 for a .35 nozzle). Also use 40% infill max.

i have now print several prints ad 230 degrees with no problem so i hope its stay good now