A very naive question regarding the scope probe

What are the little yellow, plastic cable clips that come with the probe used for? Are they to distinguish x1 and x10?

If you are referring to the thingys that are like split pieces of lightweight tubing:

They are to identify channel 1 and 2 (or more) on multi-channel scopes (often several different colour clips are supplied with each probe set), place one at each end of the cable.

Beyond just simple channel identification it is important, once the probe compensation has been set, to use each probe on the same channel on which it was compensated–though for critical higher frequency measurements probe compensation should be performed before any series of measurements are made.

I am not wild about them and use a bit of coloured tape at each end instead–use the same colour as the target channel’s trace to keep things straight.

Yes, those are just what I was asking about. Thanks! I have been away from electronics for almost 30 years, so I am learning new things and re-learning a lot of old things. Now, the two different tip covers?


Those are just different insulating tips, to be used as needed–one just exposes the tip, the other has a bit of slot to make it less likely to short adjacent pins on an IC or whatever…

Ok. Thanks!