A tiny mini program to make the printer LCD more verbose

Hi there!
Since I have a 3D printer I was always bored about the obvious message ‘bla is printing…’ on the printers LCD screen. I figured out that Cura puts some interesting comments into the GCODE files it creates so I wrote this little program that uses the M117 GCODE to show the user more information about what the printer is actually doing. I’m using it since march 2018 on all my printers. So I thought that now it’s time to share it:


Usage: Linux or command line:

 verbose_lcd.exe yourfile.gcode 

On Windows I just put the executable on the desktop and drag the gcode file on it.

If desired I can also share the executable, so let me know or just compile it like this:

 g++ verbose-lcd.cpp -o verbose-lcd.exe