A New .NET K8055 data analyzer

In osnove-programiranja.com/K8055/k8055.zip you may find a data analyzer for Velleman K8055 USB Interface. It is writen in C# and requires .NET environment. Using this program you may watch, in real time, signals from digital inputs (D1-D5), as well as from analog inputs (A1-A2). Also, a simulated signal is available. Unpack k8055.zip in a folder and strat analyzer.exe. Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks a lot, usefull tool :wink:

Though it would be better if you could compare signals in real time, like compare A1 and A2 in same window…

Thanks, edvardas. Yes, the real analyzers show more signals in parallel. This analyzer was a “one afternoon” project with no big goals. I may try to make improvements if more people ask for. Also, collaboration is possible!

Very interesting Milan, useful tool.

Thank you.