A bug or a feature in PCLAB2000SE?

Setup: Windows XP, PCLAB2000SE and K8047 recorder.
Press AutoSave Data and RUN.

Move PCLAB window around the screen, and watch the fantastic
waveforms generated. The more you shake, the more variation you
get. All this is stored in your file. Best effects I get when using
triangular wave as source.

The reason for waveform deformation could be in USB handling
mouse and PCLAB2000SE simultaneously. I just wonder, why
PCLAB2000SE timing depends on other peripherals?

Indeed, this is more or less a feature of the internal software timers used…

Here a snippet from the help file of the transient recorder.


Errors in time scale

When recording at short timebase (< 2s/div) the sampling interval is 10ms. This is possible only on fast computers. Anyhow, do not execute other applications during the recording process, it may influence the measuring time scale.

The timebase of the measurements is generated by the internal timer of the computer. This timer can be put on hold by other processes on the computer. This can cause a deviation in the time measurement.

To ensure the precision of the time measurement at short timebase :

· Use a fast computer: Pentium.

· Do not run other applications when recording

· Use highest possible processor speed

· Prevent your computer from going into power saving mode [/quote]

All this is applicaale also for the K8047.