8055 - analog input voltage


The manual says that the maximum input voltage for the analog inputs is +5 V. If there would be more, would that damage the board? If so, is there a sample of how I could make a circuit that has an overload-safety? I guess I could put a few zeners in serial mode, that that’s very crude (as you can probably tell, I don’t know much about electronics, I’m just trying to get a measuring device going so that I can do the rest in software). Thanks.

You could put a zener between input and gnd (e.g. 5V1/1.3W) and a small resistor in series with the input. This will help in most but not all cases. Taking care at all times is also a good protection.

Thank you, yes a zener will help me I guess - for some reason I was thinking that all zeners ‘flip over’ (if that’s the English term - ‘overslagspanning’ in Dutch) at 0.7 V, but I was mixing things up there. Thanks!