.3mm difference on z-axis when printing

Hello. I’ve leveled the bed and have the z-axis endstop so that Z homes .2mm from the lower left corner of the bed. However, when a print starts, the starting height for z shows as .30. This is for the skirt and the first 3 layers. After those, it seems to act correctly and sits very close to the previous layer. I’m running Repetier .56 on Mac with a stock 8200 and an unmodified slic3r config profile.

Also, (and this may be related). Every other z-home is off. For example, z-home 1 puts it .2mm from the bed. Hitting z-home again will put it about .5mm above the bed. This is absolutely reproducible as it happens every other z-home.

What is your question here?
Also,make sure the screw that hits the micro switch is tighted good and also make sure the microswitch is mounted firmly.

The metalblade on the microswitch is not good to have. Remove blade or replace switch to one without.
Or adjust the screw to hit the blade closest to the button.