3d pen PLA or only ABS

I hope asking this question here is OK. I am not sure where a 3d pen would fit.
At this moment I am looking into buying one. I read the Velleman 3d pen is very good but I can’t seem to find
if the pen can also use PLA filaments or only ABS. I think for the future getting one that supports both would be smarter.
Thank you very much.

The product specifications only mention ABS

See also: ABS filament for the 3D printing pen

Thank you !!! Some shops that sell your pen wrote that it also supports PLA so I was really confused.

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Actually I can suggest you to consider this pen up here : http://3dinsider.com/3doodler-review/
The technology behind these amazing 3D printing pens is pretty straightforward. The 3Doodler doesn’t use traditional ink to draw—it extrudes plastic filament (typically 3mm ABS or PLA).

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