240V AC relay for MK138 thermostat kit

Hi all, I am trying to set up a thermostat to control a small 240V heater (no more than 60W) that will heat a plant growing cabinet, to maintain a temperature of at least about 18C (exact temperature isn’t critical).

I have a Velleman MK138 thermostat kit, but the relay power rating is only 24VDC, so I’m thinking I will use a mains (240V) relay, say this one.

My question is will I have to use the mains relay in addition to the Velleman kit, or can I replace the relay in the Velleman kit with the mains relay? If I could just replace the relay, it would be neater as it may all fit on the same board.

There is no problem to use the original relay with a 240VAC/60W load.
Make sure your assembly is put in an insulating enclosure and make sure it complies with ‘good engineering practise’.

Thank you for your advice. I think maybe the instructions and markings on the board should indicate it can take 240V.

As this is a minikit aimed at all ages, we do not supply this information, just to make sure people think twice or seek help before attempting to use it for 240VAC applications.