Y-Motor just vibrating?

Hello All,

I have just completed the biuld and was trying out the printer when the x-axis didnt respond.
I got a new step motor controller for x-axis and now it works fine.
However, the Y motor cannot move the belt at all.
It only vibrates with a lound sound.
At first i Thought that the belt was to tight.

This is what i have tried sofar:

  1. I have checked that the voltage is about 425mV
  2. I have removed the belt but the problem is still the same.
  3. I have tried to switch contact so that the X and Y axes are reversed. The Y-controller can controll the X-axis. But the Y motor does still vibrate and does not turn.
  4. I have tried to switch the “end switch thingie” between x and Y, but the y motor does still vibrate.
  5. I have tried to increase the voltage to Y motor to .600mV. Still no difference

Can i try anything elese or is the y-motor dead?


I have just replaced a broken PCB-controller for the x-axis motor.
This works fine now.

Hi ribar,

you probably have a multimeter at hand, right? Unplug the Y motor from the controller board and check the resistance at the plug. The motor has two coils, so you should read a resistance in the lower ohms range on both of them (the values should also be nearly identical). Test pins 1 & 2 for the first coil and pins 3 & 4 for the second one. Also test all other combinations (1 & 3, 1 & 4, …), they should all read as open connections.

From your description, there may be a faulty connection (broken wire or such) somewhere between the connector and the motor, but the above test will tell you more.


Thanks for the reply.
I did meassure as suggested:

pin resistance
1-2 2,5
1-3 2,5
1-4 1,4
2-3 3,7
2-4 2,5
3-4 2,5

since you said that pin 1-2 and 3-4 should read low recistance and the rest infinite i did check the soldering
and found bad insulation where the motorwires are connected to the flatcable.

i did a new test and found the resistance as wanted.
i will try the motor later today.

The motor works fine.



same problem for me viewtopic.php?f=52&t=10923

what do you mean with bad insulation. Are you using the insulation tubes?

sorry for the late answer.

Two motor wires were shortcircuited under the motor.
The student who assembled that part forgot to use two isulation tubes and thereby
caused the shortcircuit.

In my case it was most likely a bad connection of one of the cables.