X axis does not work


I have just assembled my printer.
When I manually control the X motor it makes noice but it doesn’t turn right or left. (note that I have removed the belts).
The calibration tension is 423mV.

If I connect X motor on the Z connector, the motor works fine.
It seems that the problem comes from the X driver board.
But if I place the X driver board on the Z driver board slot it works.

Is the main board the problem ?
Marlin firmware is 1.0.0
Whan can I do to go further ?

Thanks for your help.

The fact that the X-driver board works on the Z-driver place tells me that the driver is not broken. Did you also tried placing the Z-driver on the X-place? If it still don’t work then I would start with checking the wiring of the X-motor first. Also you better raise the voltage to 0,55 in the first place (proven to work better and does not harm anything)


Thanks for your reply.
I have placed the X driver in the Z slot and the Z driver in the X slot. But the problem is still there.

The wiring of the motor is correct as it works when plugged in the Z driver connector.

I have raised the voltage to 0.55. No change : the motor makes noice but does not turn to right or left.

I have turned the heat extruder on and switched extruder motor on : same problem as X axis : the motor moves quickly but does not turn right or left.

Thanks for your help.