VM 202 USB player

I want the VM202 USB player module use as a doorbell. The manual says “Use as doorbell playback system”.
But when I “ring” once (= push play ), the module keeps playing the recorded track over and over.
Can I set it to “single track play” ?

No, it cannot be set to single track play.
You need to provide some circuitry such as e.g. a timer, which powers the unit for a certain time.
This timer can also turn on/off the power amp, so this will save some energy.
VM141 would be a good choice.

This tiny module obviously has more potential than foreseen in first instance.
The PCB has the possibility to include a small (headphone) power amp SMD IC.
There is even a place for an SD card reader assembly!
But there is no schematic supplied of this little module.
If Velleman is capable to supply the schematic or at least can give a reference of the power amp circuit to be added and if the SD card reader is enabled to work the electronic hobby community has another challenge to complete and use this module in a wider application environment.

We will request a diagram, we have requested it in the past, however, up until now we have not received any extra info regarding this product from the manufacturer. As soon as we get something, we will post it on these pages.

there are 2 resistors missing from the controls.
They are for Volume+ and volume -
they are 18K and 27K


Are you sure your talking about the VM202?
The reason I ask is that there is no volume control on this kit.
It only has line out.

On the curcuit board near the connector of the button are 2 resistors missing they are for the volume control
it has been tested


regarding the use of a timer: Does VM 202 starts to play automatically when voltage is applied?
I only need one track to be played, but it needs to start from the beginning each time.


Yes, it starts when power is applied.


enjoying the 202N I wonder how to sort mp3 files to get control of the order of playing. It does not seem to work with prefixes, e.g. 001…mp3, 002…mp3 and also alphabetical order seems to be ignored.
Does anybody experienced the order criterion(s)?

It also puzzles us.
Could it be the order in which they are put on the USB stick?

well, which order criteria? do you mean the time created? what if you copy files there at the same moment?

As I said, at this time, we do not know either :slight_smile:
We get the modules ‘as-is’, there is no extra info available from the manufacturer.