Vertex Delta K8800

The vertex Delta print head goes straight down into the bed and just scrapes into it. I did the calibrations 3 times in a row. eacht time i try something different but it gets worse and worse.
The plastic from the bed has scratches now. Pls help

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Did you go through this procedure?
Also when you finished the calibration did you save the settings?

I did and i also saved my settings

Mine did the same thing over the weekend
What I found was while I was cleaning it for the first print of the day is I accidentally knocked one of the magnetic balls out of the socket.
You need to check all of those and the screws in the end of the rods that hold the magnetic balls. Mine came loose and I wrapped Teflon (plumbers tape) around them to hold them in place.

i did get it to work. i got a new problem now. My printer does not print anymore. it tries to add pla but it gives back the pla with a sound. i think my nozzle is stuck or something.

Please try heating the nozzle to 220 and push it manually.
This can unclog the nozzle .

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How did you “get it to work?”

This could provide clues for those of us who might be able to help you, and it also can help others who might have the same problem in the future.

u have to calibrate, save the settigns and do it again multiple times.