Various problems

I have just started to calibrate and test my printer and have several problems.

  1. On the main board where you calibrate the motors, the screwdriver slot is missing on one of the points so I cannot calibrate the motor. When I hold down the point with a screwdriver I get a reading but when I take it off it shows zero. The other motor calibrations cannot be set above 0.412.
  2. When I run through the first stages of moving the axes in repetier I get the following :
    Z axis does not move and makes a lot of noise.
    Y axis moves well in one direction but judders on the return.
    X axis moves to the right on the first click but then moves to the left when the same point on the screen is pressed again.
    All axes can be moved easily by hand.
  3. At the bottom of the screen where the temperatures are shown, the instructions state that the nozzle and bed temperatures should be shown at room temperature, mine shows 19.3C/off.

This has been re - posted as the replies have now stopped and I still do not have a working printer. Could someone from Velleman please help me.

Firstly you need to solve the stepper driver problems.

Can you post a clear and sharp (!) picture of the stepper driver without the trimmer. You can also create a support ticket ( to obtain a new stepper driver.

I advise you to remove (do this with power off) the driver without the trimmer and test further with the rest of the drivers. Please measure the input voltage of the printer (where the PSU connects to the mainboard.

It is not normal that you cannot adjust the driver beyond 0.412V. This either points to defective drivers or something else entirely. You could also test if the voltages that the driver need 5V (VCC) and 15V (VMOT) are indeed present on the headers.

The noise and problems that thee motors are producing are because the drivers are not able to do their work so I would focus your efforts on the drivers.