Super Stereo Ear Microphone Soldering Question

I am getting a 60 Hz buzz when the SS ear is turned on. A previous post mentioned a mains buzz when the microphone pins were not soldered correctly. On the microphone there is a metal tab, part of the body of the microphone, adjacent to one of the pins. I assumed this tab was to be part of the connection to that pin. Should it be bent out of the way? There were no directions at all in my kit.

No, the enclosure of the microphone should be connected to the GND-pin of the microphone.

Are you running the kit from batteries or are you using a power supply?
Keep in mind that it was designed to run from batteries. If you decide to run it from a power supply, it has to be really well regulated and smoothed.

Thanks for the prompt reply! I’m using batteries. I’ll check the solder joints on the microphone again.