PVM201´2 Network relaycard, changed password, now cant login

PVM201´2 Network relay-card.

I just put in a admin pass for safety reasons and pressed save, nothing happened so i pressed save again. the second time the login screen pop up.
But i cant login,the login screen just pop up again. its a simple password. i did not misspell.
Reset button did not reset password.

Card is completely useless now.
How do i fix this?


To return the VM201 back to the factory settings do the following.
Step 10 in the instructions.

1 turn the power off to the VM201
2 Press and hold the “Clock / Network settings button”
3 Turn the power back on to the VM201 while holding the Clock / Network settings button for about 10 seconds
or until a message on the LCD screen comes up.

Hope this helps.