Problem with PCSU1000


Has got device PCSU1000, with work and characteristics it is happy. On the computer to which the oscilloscope is hooked up, design of arrangements with use of chips FTDI FT245BM is conducted. In the course of adjustment insertion PCSU1000 has been somehow damaged. As a result of PC LAB2000 either does not distinguish the arrangement, or the dark blue shield of death departs. OS XPSP2.

Please, write as to rebuild an insertion?

It seems that the contents of the EEPROM of the PCSU1000 is corrupted.
I think you are using the EEPROM programming utility MProg.exe from FTDI.
You can now re-program the EEPROM of the PCSU1000 by creating a text file (e.g. pcsu1000.ept) and sending it to the PCSU1000 with the MProg.exe.
See also the thread: PCSU1000 and Vista Update : Serial Number ERROR!
Here the contents of the pcsu1000.ept file:

[Basic Details] Device Type=4 VID PID Type=2 USB VID=10cf USB PID=1000 [USB Power Options] Bus Powered=1 Self Powered=0 Max Bus Power=490 [USB Serial Number Control] Prefix= Use Fixed Serial Number=1 Fixed Serial Number=YEL952TL [USB Remote WakeUp] Enable Remote WakeUp=0 [Windows Plug and Play] Enable Plug and Play=1 [USB String Descriptors] Manufacturer=Velleman Product=PCSU1000 [Programming Options] Only Program Blank Devices=0 [BM Device Specific Options] USB Version Number=1 Disable Serial Number=0 IO Pin Pull Down in Suspend=0 Enable Isoch IN Transfers=0 Enable Isoch OUT Transfers=0

I have injected in EEPROM recommended contents. But at the subsequent hooking up of the arrangement it already was not accessible even for MProg.exe. After changeover of microcircuit EEPROM (FT245 without EEPROM it was defined like standart serial) and an insertion, PCSU1000 has earned as usually.

Thanks for attention.

It seems that the EEPROM has ‘locked’ or maybe damaged (strange).
It’s good that you anyhow found a solution.