Problem with MK 114


ive bought a soldering kit, the MK114 1 chanel light organ
and in the evening ive solderd it and ive putted on al 12Volts DC supply
and connected them straight to a radio (red and black wire)
but in wont work on al led that needs 12Volts

sow now is the question what i did wrong

kindly regards

laurens longé

We have to assume that no assembly mistakes have been made.
Most likely, the signal at the input is too weak.
Try with a radio or amp that delivers more power.

ive connected it on on a radio of 200W

first without speaker then with one on the channel end

mvg Q

Then there must be an assembly and/or hook-up problem.
Sorry, this forum does not allow picture uploads
If you can provide LINKS (e.g. by using a free online picture base) to HI-RES and SHARP pics of your assembly (both solder- and component side)
then we can take a look and provide some feedback.

here are some pictures

soldering side … 143906.jpg

parts side … 143859.jpg … 143852.jpg … 143845.jpg

my idea is putting an led on the output (LAMP)
ive putted 12VDC on the power supply the supply can take 1 amp

mvg Q

Please test with lightbulb, not with a led.
Sorry, but the quality of the pictures does not allow us to spot soldering errors.
If you wish, you can return your kit for inspection/repair.

You wrote that you are using a 12V DC power supply, but from the pictures it looks like you connected it as if it was AC.