Printing flexible pla, 1 problem solved


I have bought some flex eco pla but run in to a problem.
The filament did bend and twist in the space between hobbed bolt and extruder base.
(removed the extruder motor in this picture)

To prevent this I made an extended extruder base which enclosed the filament completely below the hobbed bolt.
I split up the part so it could be printed without support.
Base and extended filament guide are printed separatly.

Original extruder base on the left, extended on the right (the 2 parts assembled).

The filament can’t go anywere but up or down.

The design is not perfect, it needs some finishing touch before it wil fit, but it works.

Now I am stil testing all kinds of settings to make a nice print possible, the stuff won’t stick to the bed as of yet.

But at least there is always coming something out of the nozzle.

Thank you for documenting this so clearly.

I have been having problems refeeding ordinary PLA after it has snapped, and seeing your extended filament guide has made me think this might be of help to me too.

Nice work.

Yes, I think it helps.

If the filament gets to the last bit on the reel it is curving a lot.
If the end gets down below the hobbed bolt it bends away and pushing it down by feeding a new piece of filament was sometimes very hard.
I had to take apart the extruder a few times to solve this problem.

Now it can’t move sideways and feeding a new filament is a lot better.

I was also having trouble to guide the filament back into the extruder after the cable snapped (especially when getting to the end of a filament spool). But since then I just started to heat up the end bit of the filament with a lighter, straight it up a bit, wait a few seconds to cool it and push it trough. Very easy and quick :slight_smile:

Hi EricSw,

I’m having the same issue with my flex PLA, next print will be you modification :slight_smile:

Can you share your setting witch provided the best results with the flex PLA?
They advice 210 degrees and lower print speed…

What’s your experience?