Printed edges

Does anyone know if its possible to make the printed sides smoother. At the moment the edges are grooved so causes problems as I’m trying to create a hinge type device.

First you have to check there’s no Z-axis wobbling (look here).

You can dramatically improve the quality of your sides with a good cooling (fan duct) and lowering the speed (I put my Speed Multiplier on 50%). I use Eytec’s fan nozzle and it works fine. (see here).

I will try changing the speed multiplier to 50%.
Not sure its an axis wobble problem as the grooves are all around every layer and are uniform.


The problem you are having is definitly Z wobble, check if your Z axis is straight, or if your motor is not mounted crooked.

Thanks for that. The z axis vertical screw thread does wobble. I’ll see how to solve this.
Thanks for your speedy replies


I am going to print your bracket to cure this problem
As not printed anything this size before realised just how warped the print bed was. Have added a piece of glass and about to print.
Thanks for your help