Power supply

Just built a power supply to get more power its working but I’m feeding nine volts in an adjusting the circuit getting 1.2 to 6.9 out when the label said 3 v to 35 out is that ok

Sorry, you post does not allow us to be of any assistance.
Please supply a kit # and a detailed fault description.

Mk1823 I wonder where I can get a transformer to reach my desired 35 volt instead of the normal 7 volts I’m getting at moment

Please read the manual: you will find the recommended transformer there.
As you want to able to have max. 35 Volts, you should need the max. allowed transformer which is 28 Volts. Be aware that due to very high dissipation at lower output voltages in that case, you will not be able to deliver the full 1 A output current unless you have a very large cooling fin for the LM317T…