PI4SET / VMP506 - which heat sink goes where?

Hi all,
Just got myself a PI4SET which contains the Raspberry Pi 4 combined with some accessories and a heat sink set (VMP506).
In the box came three little sinks - one larger (fitting nicely over the Broadcom CPU) and two smaller 8x8 mm sinks.
There was no user manual in the box, so I built the case by trial-and-error and am now looking at where to attach the two small heat sinks.
There’s one chip right behind the USB3 ports which fits an 8x8 mm sink nicely, but where should I put the last 8x8 mm sink? It doesn’t cover the chip between the Broadcom CPU and the chip right next to the USB3 ports, but looking at he PI4SET pictures, I actually should attach a heat sink on that chip as well… What am I missing?


You can do is so:

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