Pcs10 pcs100

I have a question about PCS10 4-CHANNEL RECORDER / LOGGER.
In the specs I can read “DLL included for your own developments” but I can’t find this dll on your site. There is a PCS100 file in the download section, but there is no reference to PCS10 in it, so I doubt if this is the good file.

We want to use this recorder to follow 3 differnet 0-5 Volt signals on 20Hz. Can we have direct access to the signals via this API?
What is the delay-time between the measurement and the output of the signal?

As far as the DLL is concerned, it can be found here: http://www.velleman.be/downloads/files/downloads/k8047_pcs10_dll.zip

Thanks for the link!

As far as I can see in the code, I can directly read 4 simultanous signals and process them in my own program?

What is the delay between the measurement and the output?

The sampling interval is 10ms.