Own PC communication to printer

Hi there,

we consider for a trade show, for example, the K8200 3D printer to use as an exhibit.
In this case, the printer should produce any part. At this time we want to run a own visualisation software (WPF)
showing some data of the printer (e.x. position of the axis, fan on/off, temperature,.)

In addition I have here is a small list of questions maybe someone can say something about:

  1. can the printer only speak with one software application at the same time ?
  2. can the print job be started without a PC , e.x., from a memory card?
  3. is it possible to communicate with the printer while it works by an other applikation (see pt 1)?
  4. is it possible to poll data (positions , temperature , velocities, are …) of the printer ?
  5. if pt4 is possible, which G-CODE commands can be used to poll data?

I know these are some questions, but perhaps someone can help me an gibe some answers

Greeting Peter.

Hi gockel,

let me get this straight - you want to make money with this, use it in a commercial environment?

How much do you pay for each answer?


PS: I do not necessarily mean $ or €, contributions to this forum are also valuable.