when i was starting soldering the MK188 KIT i found that there was no marking on the resistor array RA1 and so i don’t see how to install right.


Normally there’s a text 472 placed onto the resistor array.
It can be happen that the dot are missing on the resistor array.

place the aray as this image.

Velleman Support.

unfortunately there is no dot and no text
f. prinz


Then you can measure with an Ohm meter, to find out where the “common pin” (pin1) of resistor array is situated.


Velleman support

hi, many thanks, everything is working well.

last question: is there a difference between VM188 and MK188 ?

with kind regards

VM188 is assembled.
MK188 is a kit (soldering required)
Other then that they are the same.