Mk139 suitable cases?

Hi! I just finished my mk139 and what i need to now is that is there any suitable cases for it?


No dedicated case.
Your Velleman distributor has plenty of cases in his range, depending on your budget, taste and application.

I have bought a case for the MK139 (just a grey standard electrical wire case or what are they used for) and drilled a hole in the lid for the microphone, which I have connected with a wire to the circuit board. After a while the MK139 started to react kind of weird. Sometimes the clap-LED led up all the time, later it didn’t light up at all. Now I have the unit in the case with the top left off and it’s working great, so probably the unit needs lots of free air to cool itself. I had the same problem one time with a wireless router, so that’s why it crossed my mind. Maybe it could also have to do with the fact that I am running a 230v 50 watt halogen lamp on it. Just a tip to everyone: Don’t close the unit off in a closed casing, but leave the top off (lifting the lid on one side didn’t work, still had problems).