MK139 How can I connect relay to 220v mains supply?

A newbie electrical question:

Please explain what means 24VDC/AC 3A as specified in the manual ?

Can I connect a generic led lamp ( 220V 9W ) to this relay. How about a 100W light bulb ?

On the relay itself is written 4 numbers:
15A 125VAC | 10A 240VDC
10A 28VDC | 10A

This maybe the traces on the board limiting the current, voltage or both

The relay is rated for a higher voltage and a larger current, but for safety reasons, the max allowed voltage is 24V AC/DC and the max. current is 3A.

Thanks, I get it. So, I need to add an external relay to allow me to connect a regular 220V light.

In any case, I am stumped, after very careful soldering, it doesn’t work. Only the clap light blinks :frowning:

I posted another question on this at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13119&p=57525&hilit=mk139#p57525