MK139 clap switch kit

I constructed the MK139 clap control kit, but when I turn it on with with the 12V power supply, the clap LED just permanently goes on, and clapping has no effect on its behavior. The relay LED just stays off.

I used an ohmmeter to check over the contacts, to make sure that a component isnt connected to somewhere it shouldnt. I also checked the voltage across the microphone - its at a constant 5V which seems reasonable.

Im at a loss over how to proceed to debug the kit. Is there anything that anyone can recommend I check? Has anyone else had these symptoms?

Thanks for any help.

Ok I managed to get it working - I bought a second kit and had another go :slight_smile:

But the problem now is that after I double clap, you have to remain silent for a one second delay for the relay to be triggered. Is there any way to reduce this delay to make the switch easier to trigger? Its very hard to remain silent after the double clap - there might be background noise for example.

Im thinking that changing some of the capacitor values would probably change the time. Is that true?

hello if you look in the minikits folder you will see other questions and answers about the 1 second delay and it looks like an automatic delay but can be removed by removing a transistor have a look in that folder and maybe it will help

Hello everyone, complete newbie here! :blush:
Sorry to bother, but could someone please post a link where I can read how MK139 actually works? Operations in it? When you clap once the voltage on pin 6 goes low because…? Stuff like that. I’ve tried to google it, but everyone is just trying to sell it and I couldn’t find anything. I know it’s a pain but any help would be great. I’m a bit ( :open_mouth: ) short with time, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you guys.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, no circuit descriptions.