MK 186 Mic too sensitive


I am a Samba Drummer and want to use the light organ to flash the drum rhythms with LED stripes inside of each of our drums. Therfore I use a 12V Accu so the kit is portable. The kit itself is mounted into a small box outside of the drum korpus. In principle it works.
The only problem I have is, the mic is to sensitive for the loud drums. Even with the sensitive controller nearly on zero the light flashes when playing the drum. That would be OK but unfortunately if the collegues next to me hit their drums my light also flashes. Is there a possibility to change the sensitivity by change any resistor or add an additional one or something else so that every drum can flash in its own rhythm?
By the way is it possible to destroy the mic if the drums are too loud?
Is it better then to use another less sensitive mic?

Thanks and regards