MK 117 Schematic


I was a bit disappointed in the MK 117 kit. I like the kits to teach basic electronics to my nephews, but that is of little use without a schematic. They might as well stick to their legos as it is just another building block project.

With a schematic, they could poke around and learn to use an oscilloscope, read the schematic, and maybe learn some basic troubleshooting skills if I put a fault in the circuit.

I think this is the first kit I’ve ever purchased that didn’t come with a schemtic. I’ve been building kits since the Heathkit days. From now on, I’ll look at the manual on the web before purchasing and may return this one.

Jim S.

All kits are supplied with a diagram, unless there is no room on the blister card.
In that case, you can download the schematic from our website.
Hereby the link to the diagram of the MK117 kit:

If you would like to teach your nephews about scope you may want to look at the EDU06 link below.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the schematic and the suggestion for the education board.

I appreciate both.

Jim S.

I am soldering kit MK117, but because it doesn’t work, I am in doubt if I didn’t accidentally join two solder points. This because some solder point lie close to each other and therefore are eager to ‘melt’ together.

Therefore, can someone send me a detailed scan or photo of the (not yet assembled) circuit board ?

Thanks !

PS I already have a schematic

What part of it is not working?

You could post a picture of the top and bottom of your board.
Maybe someone could find the problem.