Mk 102

Dear Velleman company,
I bought the above mentioned FLASHING LEDs minikit and unfortunately I recognized that the intensity of the LED light is too low. (I do need more intensive light or white one.) Would you help me and advice if there is a possibility to change the led in order to get more intensive light? If so would you send to me the number/specification? If not are there any other possibility how to get more intensive/brighter light?
Thank you very much for any reply from your side.
Kind regards

It is not a problem to replace the supplied leds with a different type of 5mm led.
Sorry, there are so many leds available that we cannot recommend any specific type. It all depends on taste, budget and availability in your area.
The more mcd, the brighter the leds. Careful: high intensity leds usually have a smaller angle of visibility.
Please experiment.

Sorry your answer does not help to me. Would you advice the parameters likes?
max of: xxxxxx mcd;
max of Voltage: XXX V;
max power: XXX mA
I really do not want to experiment.


Please contact your parts supplier and ask for a 5mm led, any colour you like.
Ask for as many mcd as possible.
Voltage and current are not important, it will work in the MK102 circuit.