Message: No right PIC in the programmer

Dear Velleman-Team,

I’ve build up a K8076 and I’m quite sure that I did it exact. All the LEDs are blinking correct during the test sequenze and also selective.

I’m using a PIC18F1320. It is selected in the “PICProg2006”. But when I want to make some actions: load a .hex file, read, write anything else then the SW say to me that not the right PIC is in the socket. The wires are correct connected from the ICSP1 to SK5/6.

What is worng? How I can check whether the programmer or the PIC have a problem?

Thank you and best regards

Did you test it already with PICprog2009?, We haven’t here such PIC, so i can’t test it.
It should work, normally. (green checkbox)
Try with a standard PIC, ex. PIC16F627 so you can find out what the problem could be, hard- or software.

I’ve found the problem:

the printed wire on the board between the resistor pin (to the LED) and the ICSP1/5 (data clock line) was broken. I took a additional wire between this points - then it works fine. It seems to be a quality issue by the vendor.