K8200 problem repetier software

hi, i build the k8200 and i using the repetier host v0.95F
in the manual control, i can only starting the fan, Z-home, Y home ; X home
other movements like +Y Arrow; - Y Arrow; - x and + x arrow; -Z and + Z Arrow ; heathing bed heathing extruder won’t work !!!
i check 2 times the wiring, trying installing few times the software but nothing helps,
i set the driver voltage 0.55 v

Ifi I understand correctly.
You can’t heat the bed and the extruder?

everithing is working fine now>>the problem was, i fixed the Z stop wiring
all movements, heathing, etc works as well
but i can’t print not anithing, because the PLA don’t wanna attach the heathbed , it’s unload the bed
the PLA flow is good ,but wan’t to stick on the heathbed
the distance extruder is 0.25 mm
temp extruder is 190
the heathbed is 50
i configure all as like in the manual but nothing is helping
all suggestions are veri welcome because i’m a newbie

I am printing PLA at 210 and using hair spray to improve adherence …