K8090 - Button Labels

We (two hams) have just purchased and received the K8090 board (actually, the VM8090). Our only (initial) requirement for the control interface software is being able to identify the buttons with labels. Hopefully the sample controller can be modified, but it is beyond the scope or our abilities just now to do this on our own. Can anyone suggest a course of action, or even better yet, offer some assistance in this project. We are going to be using the board for controlling an antenna switching unit which is already in place, and which uses a rotary knob and contact unit. We are very capable of doing that physical electrical interface work, just the interface programming will be more than a challenge.

Thanks for any assistance.

Brian K7ZRZ and Jeff K7ZSA

So what exactly is it you are looking for? Custom PC software?

I believe I very clearly stated what I’m “looking for” - but to put it another way, I need a controller application that allows LABELS on the 8 buttons. I realize that the sample control app has little room in its button area, due to that specific layout for label strings.

I know nothing about programming. But I’ll bet someone here does, and can suggest how I might proceed… that being hiring someone capable of setting up a control interface or finding someone who would be willing to otherwise assist me in finding a way to produce such an application. Or, to tell me that it can’t be done and I’ll send the thing back.

This project is only for personal, Amateur Radio activities.

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Thanks again,


So you are simply looking for the demo application, but with labels under each button? So all you need is 8 toggle buttons and 8 labels?

Yes! Exactly right. I have just found a program called N-Button (lite & Pro) which seems to be something that we could use to produce the lables, but at $150 for the pro version, it seems expensive for such a simple need. If you know about this program, you might give me an opinion. Otherwise, yes, just need to be able to identify the buttons.



VEL448: Is that Demo application for the K8090 written in VC++ and could a modified version be compiled with the 2008 version of it?

If that is the case, I may be able to modify it so that these Hams can have a vertical layout with labels next to the buttons. I don’t have a K8090, but working form the original source code shouldn’t be too difficult to “not” screw it up.

73, WI3CK

The demo application is written in Delphi 7. I will see what I can come up with in my personal spare time, I don’t suppose you need it all that urgently since you can already operate the card?

I don’t have a K8090 at all. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the confusion, I was talking about a modified application for K7ZRZ

No problem. I could have helped if there had been a Demo in VC++. I unfortunately don’t do any Delphi.

We are not in a hurry at all on this project. The implementation of the hardware will take us some time from now to complete. Obviously, we’re both new to this kind of endeavor, and we really appreciate what can come of it.

WI3CK, thank you so much for your offer of help. Sorry it didn’t work out. Although, I’ll say that it doesn’t matter what the app looks like and wouldn’t need to be produced looking like the sample one does.

Thanks again,

Brian K7ZRZ & Jeff K7ZSA - me in Oregon and Jeff in NW Washington.

I have found this program - serialporttool.com/NButtonLiteInfo.htm - and bought the lite version. I works specifically with the 8090 board and promises to be just what we need, and more. Hopefully, I won’t be thought of as crying “wolf” before making a practical attempt to solve my own problem, as this N-Button program seem will do. Thanks all,