K8084 - can I remove LED?

Can I remove the LED from my K8084? If so, will I need to put a wire or resistor in place?

Looking at the schematic it doesn’t look like it would be a problem.
Although I don’t understand why you would want to.

You shouldn’t need any jumper.

Fair question. No real reason except that I would like to connect it to a switch so that although the circuit stays powered at all times, the LED only lights when the switch is flipped. I’ll then use wires to connect it to the front of the enclosure. The switch it will be connected to is to power on the power amp, which doesn’t have its own LED.

If your going to put the switch on the power supply when you cut power to the supply the LED will turn off.
This would tell you when the K8084 is getting power from the supply.

Just a thought…