K8060 Amplifier

In this K8060 board, transistor T6 attached to the heat sink .Can you explain the reason for this.

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Ambalanduwa Kankanamge Sasanka

Hello sasankaak,

This is necessary for the cooling of the power transistors. So that they can transfer the dissipated power (heat) to heatsink (cooling profile). If not, the power transistors will be defective after a while.

However, this is optional, as you can build in the amplifier kit and use your own heatsink if necessary.

Otherwise you can optionally order a heatsink for the kit with pre-drilled mounting holes.

Link: Optional heatsink

HSVM100 is the order code, so you can order this from a local dealer in your area

Hope to have informed you sufficiently.

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Velleman Support

Dear VEL450,

I think you have not understood my question. I asked why the T6 (which is BC 547B) also attached to heat sink other than the two Darlington power transistors.

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Hello Sasankaak,

T6 is used for temperature compensation, and it’s therefore also mounted into an opening on the heatsink. It regulates the bias current (and can be fine-tuned with RV1), see instructions manual on page 16 &17 for adjusting the bias current with RV1.

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Thank you for the reply.

There is one more question I need to clarify.

In your illustrated assembly manual you have recommended to use a toroidal power transformer. For example 12030.

Can we use a EI type transformer with the 120 VA capacity, 230 V input and 2X30 V output ?

If we use are there any hum problems ?

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