K8056 problem


i recently bought a K8056 kit i assebled it, installed the software and connected it to the pc after some searching for the adress i found it.

When i press a button in the program the LD10 light flashes. but nothing else happens.

After some searching something strange happend. i removed the protection cab from relay 1 and relay 3 i pressed the iron plate above the coil. nothing happend i pressed sett all in the software. i pressed the iron plate again and it kept in place ( i switched it on manually ) same happend with relay 3 (and i guess all the others).
When i press the stop button they switch off like supposed to.

So my problem is: My relays won’t switch on when i press a button.

Help please?

ps.: sorry for my bad english


This sounds as if you are not providing enough voltage or current to engage the relays.

ok i got it working mixed up 2 wires

but relay 7 isnt working :s

it doesnt switch on auto and the led doesnt light up. but when i push the plate to the coil manually is stays against the coil and when i press the stop button it doesnt stop. i noticed that there is a constant current in relay 7.

Hi again,

Just a guess.
You may want to check LD7, T7 and SK18 for polarity and shorts.
Also check for continuity between IC1 pin 8 and R16.
Check from the other side of R16 to the base of T7.

Hope this helps.