K8051 problem

Hi all, i was build kit no 8051 remote but not working, the leds doesnt switchon. Also i check voltage on the outputs of leds but no voltage. Can one help me? Thanks

Start checking the placement of all components and the direction of the component when important (diodes etc.).
Otherwise: post some VERY sharp and CLEAR pictures on a photo hosting website and put the link here.

hi sorry for late reply, i re-checked all components and same issue the leds does not lit on and not working.

Link: dropbox.com/s/yf3crbo5op1u1vt/velleman.rar


Solderings look ok but can’t see the components very well: this is not high resolution and very sharp! Too much noise, try making much better pictures with a REAL photo camera, not a crappy mobile. 2 pictures suffice in this case: a perfect one of the upper side and a perfect one of the soldering side (high resolution and SHARP WITHOUT noise).