K8048 and I²C EEPROM's

Hi everyone,

I used K8048 for a number of projects until now, with great success.

I wonder if there’s was a way to use K8048 (and eventually, some piece of software) through its ICSP connector to program I²C EEPROMs such as Microchip’s 24AA1025 ?

Thanks to all for your ideas and suggestions.

Hi again,

Does not seem to inspire you, huh ?? :wink:

If this can help, the …AA… series from Microchip is an extension to their LC series, with the sole difference that it works with a supply as low as 1.7 V (against 2.5 V for LC).

So, I can reformulate my question to program a LC series EEPROM, 'cause I think this parameter of power supply could not interfere during programming.

In July/August 2002 edition of Elektor (at least in the french edition), there was a project using a basic 16F84 programmer and extend it to program a series EEPROM. But this came with a free piece of software which seems to be unavailable now.

And all the software I found on the internet does not support 1 Mbit EEPROM’s (24AA1025 is 1 Mbit or 128kBytes)…

And unfortunately, I do not find anything on Microchip’s site either…

So, maybe you guys could help…

Many thanks,