I want to use the K8029 without the K8006, but I am not sure about the connectors 1 -10, for power, load and input.
Who can help? TIA!

You may be interest in the K8028.

Yes, you’re right: I bought the K8028 later and am using this one now.
Because I was wrongly advised to buy the K8029 I bought this one first and don’t want to throw it away…
That’s why I try to understand the connectors of the K8029.

Connectors pin-out numbering is shown on K8029 schematic in manual, but please note that the switch debounce is done in K8006 unit.

The manual says:
1 N
2 nc
3 L
4 L
5 nc
9 C
10 E

Can anyone explain the meaning of 8,9 and 10?

And what is debouncing…?


8 DATA is not connected.
9: Collector
10: Emitter

Switch is connected between 9 & 10.

Please Google for details about debouncing.

We’re sorry, but we notice that you lack knowledge and experience. We do not recommend to use this kit for any other purpose than intended.
If you do, please take extreme care and have someone with knowledge inspect your circuit before you plug it in.