I want to use the K8004 with a supply voltage of 15V DC to control a DC motor.
For me it is not clear in the manual, is it possible to trim the Kit like this:
0% PWM-Outputsignal if DC-Inputsignal 0 V DC
100% PWM-Outputsignal if DC-Inputsignal 10 V DC

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Yes, that’s also the purpose of the module.

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What is the current demand for the DC control circuit ? I want to control the K8004 with a basic stamp.

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A couple of mA…

Hi, how do I control the duty cycle%, is this the 1k pot between vref - gnd - dcin.


Hello everyone!

I’m part of a high school engineering course that is currently working on the Velleman K8004 DC to Pulse Width Modulator kit. We have the kit assembled properly (we hope!) and are ready to begin the testing procedure to make sure it works.

However, our instructor wants us to find out exactly what values we should be seeing change while we’re testing it, and my team is honestly stumped. :blush: Can anyone help us out?

Link to the testing procedure: http://www.designnotes.com/downloads/K8004_Assembly_English.pdf
The procedure is on page 7.