K6501 modification: pulse instead of relay


The K6501 kit is what I was looking for, a remote controlled relay via telephone.
But I need a pulse on the outputs, not a permanent relay. I want to connect the kit to a gate automation system, to be able to open a gate via a telephone call. For that, the output of the K6501 should close a contact on the gate automation system during several seconds and then release it again (like a normal push button).
Is this possible by changing the relay components of this K6501 kit into something else? Or is the permanent relay behavior a function of the programmed controller (PIC 16C55XT)?
Or is it possible to modify this behavior by modifying the source code of the PIC?


The on/off operation is a programmed feature.
Sorry, for copyright reasons we never supply source code.
A possible workaround: To create a pulse, when the relay switches, wire it in such a way that the power to the kit is interrupted.

And you can’t send me a modified firmware for the chip, so I can flash the chip with the new version?

When I disconnect the power supply on every pulse, the password and other settings (e.g. number of rings) are lost too, aren’t they?

I’m sorry, we do not supply software modifications on demand.
The number of rings will be lost, but not the password, as it is set by hardware.